Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Part Three: The NORB Review IDPA Match

Last month I participated in the IDPA Match and took my NORB of course.  One of the reasons I like the NORB is because I can put everything I need in one bag and not have to search through several to find what I'm looking for.  I can confidently say that this is the perfect bag.  The other reason for IDPA matches I wanted something like the NORB is because my shooting buddy has a very small car that she likes to drive and there just isn't room for more than one bag per person.  So, this works!

For this match, I took my NORB and an ammo can.  The extra can is because as hard as I try I cannot fit 6 boxes of ammo in the NORB, so I need to take something to accommodate my ammo.  Also, since I live in CA I cannot travel with my firearm and ammo/magazines in the same bag.  They must be separate.

The NORB was easy to tote from stage to stage.  It was comfortable for the 3 hour match and I received many compliments on the bag from other lady shooters and guys.  I was happy to share my experience with them.  It has been a great bag to use in all the shooting activities I participate in.  Thank you Offhand Gear!

For more information on the NORB go to their website at What is NORB? to see more and how to order one for yourself!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Part Two: The NORB Review Shotgun Clinic

The NORB.  What can I say?  I really love this bag, it's versatility and durability.  What do I mean by that?  So far I have been able to take it to every shooting activity and it goes along without any issue.  Most recently, I took it to a shotgun clinic I was teaching.  As we were loading and unloading the car, my husband could grab my bag without anything falling out and toss it in the car with all the gear.  No issues.

Since it stands up on it's own, I don't need to worry about getting it to sit upright against my gear without falling down and flopping around everywhere.  Regarding it's durability, I'm not concerned with it tearing or "breaking" while I'm using it.  This is not to say that I take my gear for granted, instead I can use it regularly without worry of destroying it before I've had the chance to really use it.

The fabric is especially forgiving.  Dirt, weeds, whatever it lands in can easily be brushed off without issue.  I am particularly fond of this feature.  It's not something I look for, but I appreciate it when it is the case. I'm looking forward to sharing how the NORB performs at an IDPA match.

Part Three: IDPA Match

My gear outside the car in the dirt.

Hanging out at the gun rack waiting for first time shooters.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Part One: The NORB Review, First Impressions at the Range

I discovered the NORB, an acronym for No Ordinary Range Bag several years ago when Gabby Franco posted hers online and showed a short video of all the things she could carry in it.  I was a new shooter back then and was immediately impressed at the versatility.  I also respect Ms Franco’s opinion on equipment becuase she is a professional shooter and probably has more experience than I have in the world of range bags.  Although I hadn’t purchased any range bag since I first started shooting 4 years ago, the NORB was still in the back of my mind as a great range bag with a funny name.

A few years later I saw in an issue of the Sure Shot’s Magazine an ad for OffHand Gear and their hand guards.  I was amazed at their designs and checked out their website.  Little did I know, this was the same company that made that amazing bag, the NORB.  Recently, OffHand Gear posted online their new NORB-C.  A compact version of their original NORB and I shared the post online with CCLSC, my ladies’ shooting club.  The same day OffHand Gear’s owner Sandi contacted me to test one of their NORB bags and I jumped at the opportunity.  Here is my full review of the NORB in Kyptek Typhon.

First impression
It’s smaller than I thought.  Not by measure, but what I assumed, the size of a bag to carry all the things you’d need to go to the range. I was accustomed to my backpack that I can stuff (uncomfortably at times) full of whatever I figured I might need.   Most of it I don’t actually need.

The NORB is measured at 12 inches tall by 14 inches wide by 3 inches deep.  The website states that the bag can stand on its own and I was skeptical.  I immediately took it out of the packaging and attempted to stand it up.  Sure enough it does.  I was even more curious to see if it stood up once I filled the bag with anything I could find.  Surprise: it does.

Once I opened the bag up and started looking at the fabric and pockets, I realized the NORB was made with high quality buckles, soft fabric lined and sturdy zippers.  Sandi also included a short handle accessory which is nice because I like to grab my purses by the handle and sling them over my shoulder.  The short handle accessory is sold separately, but I would highly recommend purchasing one with your NORB.  The NORB is heavy duty and appears sturdy enough to hold up to regular use at the different ranges I go to.  The strap is made of a bungee cord covered with a woven material so it has stretch without pinching.

From the website - "Why on earth does NORB have a skinny, bungie strap on it?"  Well, where is your hand when you have that wide strapped bag on your shoulder?  It's holding it on your shoulder, right?  Wide straps are a better design for men so I started the design process with the strap and designed it after a bra strap.  The OffHand Gear bungie strap will stay on your shoulder, so your hands are free for other things (coffee for me), and the bungie distributes all that weight when you walk.  Walking with all your range gear, especially in heels, creates a lot of stress on our shoulder and heads right to our feet. With the bungie strap, the weight gives with you taking some of that pressure off of your feet and even more importantly off your shoulder.  Of course you can also cross body carry NORB and that bungie makes it a little easier to get on and off.

At The Range
Of course I wanted to test this claim. At the range at the following CCLSC practice, I packed my bag and heading to the range.  Usually I need to put my backpack down to move around the range to teach, but this time, I kept the NORB on my shoulder to see if it would stay in place.  Sure enough it did.

How much can you REALLY carry?  I was seriously skeptical. I figured there had to be a trick or something when I saw how much Gabby Franco could hold in hers.  I emptied my backpack and took a picture of everything in it and then proceeded to put it all in the NORB. All of it.  Everything I take to the range with the exception of my clipboard which I don’t always carry with me.  It actually fits more than I take to the range.  I generally only carry one pistol with me the NORB has the capacity for two, plus everything else. 

Lastly, I showed my husband the NORB and he said “That’s it?  Do you have everything in there?”  I replied yes and proceeded to take everything out and show him.  He said “WOW. Looks great like a regular bag. And it’s smaller, so it will be easier to carry and take to matches.”

You can check out the NORB here.

Part Two: Shotgun Clinic

Monday, September 25, 2017

Friday, September 1, 2017

CCLSC Photo Shoot 2017

This year's photo shoot was a great experience for everyone, even our photographer Lauren Jensen Photography.

Here are a few highlights of this year's CCLSC roster.

For more photos from the day visit our facebook page here.