Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Girls! Girls! Girls!

Welcome new members Julie and Lindsey!  CCLSC is growing and this week we had a record attendance with seven ladies, filling all three lanes at the range.  The Women's 101 ladies worked on their marksmanship while preparing for their last class in May.  In each of the women's classes that Tacti-Cool hosts quarterly, the last class is reserved for a "shoot out", where each student gets the chance to demonstrate their skills and the best score will win a pistol.

This week the advanced students had the opportunity to get some special instruction building on our draw from the holster.  Matt gave us a few new drills including moving while drawing from a holster, widening our peripheral vision by looking left and right for a threat, and "multitasking" while shooting.  Multitasking is noticing when our weapon is empty and the need to reload, not looking down when holstering our weapon and keeping our eyes open for additional threats.  Essentially, this means eliminating tunnel vision that often occurs when you are focused on the target in front of you.  As we discovered there is a lot to think about as we become more proficient with our basic skills.

Matt giving Shellie direction for the next drill.

Julie and Erin working on their marksmanship.

Heather introducing Lindsey to firearm safety and shooting. 

Shellie mentoring Erin and getting her acquainted with her M&P 9mm.

Julie working on her five spot target.

Ali practicing her drills.

Apparently Kanani is a "full body" talker.  She must have been on a roll to be that blurry!
CCLSC is a great way to spend a Monday evening!

What I learned this week is we want our movements to be as natural as possible.  Additionally, by shooting in different environments both at the range and outdoors, each poses a different situation where we can and need to adapt our shooting strategy.  This ultimately will simulate real world circumstances as it applies to defending one’s life. By taking the opportunity to train and practice we will become more efficient, even in times of extreme stress.  The muscle memory we establish, both good and bad will be what we rely on in an emergency, so train accordingly.

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