Tuesday, May 20, 2014

We will always have Monday's

Monday night CCLSC members focused on becoming familiar with different handguns.  Surprisingly, each member owns a different brand of handgun, so this was easy to accomplish.  It was interesting to see how each shooter reacted to the experience and how they preferred different handguns to others.  I believe this variety adds to a shooter’s experience and provides them with the ability to handle different firearms regardless of what they prefer.  In my opinion, it’s a valuable part of shooting.

To further emphasize this experience, we were privileged to be exposed to one of the largest handguns available; the Smith & Wesson 460.  The diameter of the round is not much larger than a 9 mm, but is three times longer and a significant increase in powder. We took a short video of the experience which I will update on the blog in the next few days.

 Our most recent Women's 101 and Advanced Pistol classes have completed and the final class competition revealed a few things.  First, practice makes a dynamic difference in one's performance and confidence. Second, the comradery among CCLSC teammates was evident as each took their turn.  Finally, CCLSC took the top spots in the competition and it wasn't a coincidence.

Practice is important for any sport, hobby or life skill you want to learn and improve upon.  Getting better means that we must raise the bar after every skill we achieve.  The small amount of added pressure as other club members watched when we shoot helps us to perform under pressure.  When someone asks me “how do I shoot better?” you will always hear me answer “practice”.

Upcoming Events
This coming Memorial Day, Monday May 26, the BEAST will have some friends on display with her. In honor of our Military and Law Enforcement brothers and sisters we've invited all local agencies to bring out special department vehicles to have on display. We will also have a free BBQ going around noon that day. To thank our local Veterans and Law Enforcement we will be waiving all range fees for them that day too. — at Tacti-Cool Guns & Gear, Inc. (via Tacti-Cool Guns & Gear Facebook Page)

This week’s tip focuses on keeping a log of your progress.  My method of recording my training is to take photos of each target and save them with a date, distance and round count.  This way I can look back at what I’ve done and calculate the percentage of success.  Below is “my first target” with my latest target and it’s amazing to see the improvement.  How did this happen?  Practice, lots and lots of practice.

The top picture is the first time I EVER shot a handgun last
August at 5 and 7 yards.  The February date is
a significant improvement.  However, the head shots on the bottom
picture is what I shot this last Monday at 15 yards.
That green circle measures 4 inches.

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