Monday, April 28, 2014

CCLSC Mini Event: Custom Hearing Protection

I want to thank everyone who came out for the custom hearing mini event we hosted yesterday at Tacti-Cool Guns & Gear.  Thank you to Elizabeth and Robert of Ear Assist who traveled from Santa Barbara to provide their services for CCLSC.

In December, I traveled to Santa Barbara to get a pair for myself.  I use them almost every day and the Insta-Mold is very comfortable to wear and does an excellent job at blocking noise in the range and outdoors.

It was great to see everyone get a pair of custom fitted ears and then afterwards hit the range to get some practice in.

Janelle getting the first pair of the day!

Carol also opted to get a pair with her daughter.  CCLSC is a great way
for moms/daughters to get together and enjoy a day at the range.

Carol having a good time as she realizes how effective
Insta-Mold blocks sound.

Robin opting for a pair that matches her shirt - well done on
the color choice!

Shellie getting the foam plugs set before the Insta-Mold is done.
The small foam plugs are placed in the ear to block the Inst-Mold going
further into the ear canal and causing damage.

Nicole could be a q-tip model as she flashes a great smile just before
she's fitted for a set of lab created custom molds.
Lab molds take a few weeks to create and are made from a
flexible silicone and are expected to last a few years.

This is a short video I took while Shellie had her custom ears done.

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