Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Line Up Those Shots!

CCLSC took a break from “regular training” to do some shots on Cinco de Mayo.  Our custom target was a combination of tacos, margaritas and tequila shots.  Each shooter was instructed to take five shots to hit five shot glasses, while avoiding the tacos and margaritas.  This was a great exercise in hitting the right target, while avoiding the wrong ones.  Our winner for the night was Shellie with four shots.

CCLSC is growing.

Shellie working on her marksmanship.

Kanani encouraging Erin to do her best!
CCLSC members watch while Nicole takes her "shots".
Nicole taking her shots - don't hit a taco!

Ali lining up...

Katie sporting her new CCLSC shirt and doing shots.

Julie clearing her weapon after her turn at this week's Cinco de Mayo shots.

Julia, last shooter of the night, lines up and shoots.

Ali working on her 9mm skills. It can take a little adjustment
when increasing caliber, but all the basics still apply.
Erin, working on her fundamentals and getting some extra instruction from Matt.

We had a lot of fun yesterday and had another record setting attendance.  Although we didn't have any new members, everyone was focused on getting the best score for the last night of the Thursday classes. I hope you have all been practicing, since those ladies who have been attending CCLSC have taken advantage of the extra practice and mentoring CCLSC offers.

Did I mention that CCLSC now has t-shirts?  Thank you to everyone who was involved with getting our shirts printed.  Everyone loves their new shirts and we've been getting a lot of compliments on the design. This would not be possible without your support!

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