Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Long Gun Ladies

During our most recent CCLSC practice, members were introduced to the shooting basics of rifles and learned more about different rifle configurations.  A few members had their own AR-15’s to share with the group and we also were able to shoot the IWI Tavor, Bushmaster ACR (chambered for a .223 round) and the AK-47; which shoots a 7.62 round.

In our trend to try new firearms and increasing our shooting skills, this was a great chance to test our fundamentals.  While every rifle is a bit different this was a good review of the basic parts (magazine release/bullet button, charging handle, bolt release, optical sights, etc) which are synonymous to many handgun parts.  Versatility and familiarity with different firearms is a priceless skill.  There are many shooters who do not have the opportunity or knowledge of firearms outside of their personal collection, which in many cases is very limited.  I would encourage each and every one of you to say “yes” when someone offers you to shoot something new.

If you have been following Tacti-Cool Guns & Gear’s Facebook page, you will know they just released the upcoming schedule for Women’s 101 and Advanced Pistol beginning in July through October.  Classes are held Thursday nights, once a month beginning at 6:30 pm each evening, lasting approximately 3 hours.  These courses fill very quickly and will most likely be closed by the week’s end.  If you or someone you know wants to register, you will want to act fast!  For those ladies interested in the Advanced Pistol class, there have been some changes in the course content.  The new material promises to be both challenging and fun.

General Information for sign up can be found here.

Not to be outdone by Advanced Pistol, Women’s 101 also has a new improvement for the next session; a woman instructor.  This past weekend I traveled to Orange County and was certified as a NRA Basic Pistol Instructor.  It was an excellent class and a great experience meeting other shooters, especially two women shooters.  The course tested my shooting skills, knowledge of different revolvers and semi-automatic handguns, and my ability to convey the course information clearly and succinctly.  With my new certification, I will be joining the teaching team for Women’s 101.  This is a prime opportunity for the upcoming class to get a woman’s perspective of shooting and firearms that I hope benefit the students.  As more and more women are getting into shooting for a variety of reasons, this is still a rare opportunity to have a woman instructor.  Please encourage your friends and family to sign up for the upcoming session.

And finally, once you have signed up for either the Women’s 101 or Advanced Pistol courses, this is your gateway to the Central Coast Ladies Shooting Club (CCLSC).  For those of you who want to attend and have not taken the course, now is the time.  There is no minimum shooting skill required to attend CCLSC and you pay for what you “play” at the range. 

Rifle Day with CCLSC! Nice trigger discipline ladies!

Proper stance, grip and sight alignment are just as important as having a good time.

Wait a minute - I thought CCLSC was only for girls!  True, however CCLSC has the added benefit of receiving
advanced training from Tacti-Cool staff who assist with practice to sharpen our skills.

Matt reviewing rifle basics.

Deep in concentration CCLSC watches on while Matt shoots down range.

Julie shooting her AR-15.

Nicole shooting the AR-15, with a nice picture in picture effect.

A close up of Nicole shooting the AR-15.

Shooting the AR-15, Ali noted "it's no big deal".

Nicole shooting the Bushmaster ACR.
Unlike the AR-15 and AK 47 the ACR isn't a
common rifle, but once you have the fundamentals in rifle shooting, it's really no different.

The Bushmaster ACR and IWI Tavor shoots the standard .223 round; it's just a little different configuration. Like with handguns, CCLSC strives to equip each member with the versatility to shoot a wide variety of different rifles. This is a valuable skill to pick up any firearm and shoot.

Now you're just showing off, Matt.

Julie shooting the AK-47 like a pro.
When she finished, she let out a much deserved
"WOOOO! That was fun!". That's what we like to hear!

Shellie earning her "badassery" credentials shooting the AK47.
That's the way we do it in CCLSC!

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