Friday, October 17, 2014

CCLSC For The Win!

Last night was the final of sorts for the Women's 101 class and the Advanced Pistol class.  The 101 class had 38 students when it began four months ago and ended up with 22 finishing all four classes.  The Advanced Pistol class had two ladies, both were CCLSC shooters.

CCLSC has been working in the fundamentals with students during Monday practices and refining their skills.  Top issues have been trigger control and "the flinch".  There have been some good information posted on our Facebook page about these trouble spots.

I am also pleased to announce that the two ladies who tied in 101 were both CCLSC shooters and ended up doing a shoot off at 10 yards.  Congratulations Cari and Hollie!  Hollie came out victorious in this bout.  The tie breaker was a result of both ladies shooting an amazing 90 points to tie.

Cari (left) and Hollie (right) moments before the shootoff!  Congratulations Hollie!
You did an awesome job shooting!

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