Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Advanced Squared - Day One

CCLSC recently secured some space to do some additional training over the next few months.  With limited local training available, CCLSC decided to work together with local oil company PCEC and our sponsor Tacti-Cool to pilot some advanced training.  Hence "Advanced Advanced" was born.

To participate, CCLSC members must have completed the Advanced Pistol class at Tacti-Cool and be able to demonstrate several key skills that will form the core of our training.  Proficiency in drawing from a holster, reloads, malfunctions and basics in rifle shooting.

Our first meet up focused on a basic review of qualification, shooting from behind a barrier on both the right and left hand sides, basic reloads, tactical reloads, cover versus concealment, follow up shots and multiple targets. Rifle drills included shooting from behind a barrier, follow up shots, optics/red dot sights, and multiple targets.

Shellie and Kanani running pistol drills.

Getting started with safety briefing and instructions for the next drill

Nicole shooting rifle.

Ali practicing the drill, while Kanani waits her turn.

Kanani shooting from behind a barrier.

Shellie working on her rifle drills with multiple targets.

Shellie working on her pistol drills -
shooting from behind a barrier.

Kanani waiting for "go ahead" from Matt.

Ali, shooting her pistol from behind the barrier.

Nicole, taking her target down from behind the barrier.

Kanani, peering out from behind the barrier and
taking her target down.

Ali, Nicole and Kanani enjoying themselves.

Matt giving reviewing rifle basics, while Flood oversees the instruction.

Kanani getting additional instructions for the drill.

Ali shooting rifle from behind the barrier.

Kanani shooting the rifle drill.

CCLSC getting ready to unload their rifles the "old fashioned way".

CCLSC arsenal.

A little downrange camera action.

Shellie and Nicole watch as Ali shoots her rifle drill with multiple targets.

That's so CCLSC!
From left to right: Ali, Matt, Shellie, Kanani, Flood and Nicole

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