Wednesday, July 30, 2014

CCLSC Loves New Shooters

Welcome new members Michele and Hollie!  I am so glad that you joined us this week and hope that you received some good tips and information to become better shooters!

Michele shooting the M&P Shield - Nice flash!
Hollie shooting her M&P 9mm.  Working on her grip.

Monday August 11 at 4:30 pm is our next practice at Tacti-Cool Guns & Gear. Let me know if you are planning to attend.  Another reminder will go out again as we get closer, as well as on the day of practice.

CCLSC now has its own Facebook page!  If you are using Facebook I encourage you to “like”
 our page and help spread the word of what we do with your friends and family. If you don’t use Facebook, you can still view our page at the link to the right.

If you have been following us on Facebook, you will already know that I spent this last weekend certifying as an NRA Instructor for Personal Protection Inside the Home.  This two day training had a ton of excellent information and I acquired new skills to add to my tool box of defensive shooting solutions.  Feel free to ask questions, I would be happy to talk with you about the class.

Love loading!
Kanani showing off just a bit, dual weilding
two shields at once.  Not an effective way
of shooting but very cinematic.

Mentoring is one of the best benefits for new shooters - two of our
experienced shooters, Shellie and Julie helping out new member Michele.
Back from vacation, Erin puts her sights on target.

I always encourage our members to try new things.
Well, there isn't a lack of new handguns or rifles to try
at CCLSC.  Here, Julie shoots an AK47 pistol.

CCLSC shot after practice!
Left to right -
Back: Kanani, Hollie, and Julie. Front: Shellie, Erin and Michele.
Tip of the week: Training versus Practice – I am taking a little break from my SA (situational awareness) soapbox to share with you the differences between Training and Practice.  Training is defined as the acquisition of a certain skill or learning a new skill.  Practice however is the repetition of something (usually one’s training) in order to get better or improve one’s performance.  Both are necessary for improving your shooting skills. Put simply, Women’s 101 and Advanced Pistol are both training classes, while CCLSC Monday’s are practice. Practice is essential to reinforcing your training.  You will need to practice what you have been trained to do so that you can perfect those skills – Perfect practice makes perfect.  Practice will also increase your muscle memory so you can perform those same skills under stress and pressure.
If you would like any extra help to perfect your shooting during practice, let me know and I am happy help.  Monday’s are also a great place to get extra feedback on your shooting.

Lastly, the Austin Sure Shots publish a quarterly magazine and put a call out to the ladies’ shooting clubs across the county to feature in their next issue.  So, I submitted CCLSC’s information.  The Austin Sure Shots are a women’s shooting club in you guess it, Austin Texas.  They offer training in shooting, self-defense as well as general information about shooting and guns in general.  There is a lot of good information each quarter in their online magazine.  They also feature a section for Training in every edition.  Take a look at their website –

Sure Shots are also on Facebook 

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