Monday, September 29, 2014

CCLSC Events

Gun Show – October 11 & 12.  I believe they open up at 9:00 am each day.  If you are interested in going, we can all go as a group and meet up outside around 10:00 am.  Please send me a reply of preferred day – Saturday or Sunday.  We will go on the day that works best for the majority of ladies.

Advanced 2 Last Scheduled Date – October 11 Same place, same time ladies.  This will be our last scheduled date for Advanced 2.  I would love feedback of what you thought of the class and anything you think we should improve upon.  Any comments and feedback is appreciated.

Women’s 101/Advanced Pistol – October 16  This is the last class and we all know what that means.  CCLSC meets one more time before this date.  I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to take advantage of Monday practice.  If you haven’t been attending, the 6th might be what you need to improve your shooting.  For those who have been shooting regularly between classes, I commend you!

I would also add that even when the 101 and Advanced pistol classes have ended, please continue to attend Monday’s to improve your skills.  CCLSC offers additional training and events that are not open to members of the public.

CCLSC Paintball Classic – November 2 at The Shack Paintball in Santa Maria.  October 6 is the last date to let me know if you are interested in playing paintball.  We need a group of 10 to reserve equipment to play.  Spouses and family are welcome to join us.  Ages 10+ can play.  If I do not get enough responses, we will postpone to a later date.

CCLSC Meet up – November 3  We will be meeting up after practice for pizza.  If you are interested in meeting up after practice that week, please let me know you’ll be there.

CCLSC on Facebook – If you have a Facebook account please share CCLSC with your friends and family.  Encourage them to like our page.  We are steadily increasing our numbers every week.  I post shooting information, pictures from practice and random funnies.  You do not need a Facebook page to view our page!

CCLSC is in the Sure Shots Magazine – The latest issue of the Sure Shots online magazine will be released this week.  Why do I mention this?  I submitted CCLSC information and I wrote an article for the issue.  Keep posted, I will be sharing the information for the article as soon as I get word the issue is published.   The link for the magazine is below -

UPDATED - The latest issue has been posted online.  The link above will take you to issue #9.

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