Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Only Hits Count

This week CCLSC focused on making every shot count.  It doesn't do a lot of good when your shots aren't landing where you intend them to. Always know your target and what lies beyond it.  By the end of our time in the range, and a few corrections, shots were landing on target where we want them.  Good job ladies and great work making your practice time count.

Kanani shooting downrange.

Who's target is that? Once you have accomplished shooting
"hole in hole" you should continue to challenge yourself
and move the target further away, or change the type of target you use.
Always challenge yourself to improve your skills. This week: "only hits count"!

Ali loading her first rounds into her new Sig's magazine.

Please ladies, no maniacal or evil laughter in the range.

Hollie and Marina checking their shots.

Shellie trying out Ali's new Sig.

Marina practicing.

Nicole loading her magazine.

Heather and Lindsey sending out their target.
In case you missed practice two weeks ago, we had a huge turnout of 13 girls at practice. That was out highest so far! You can always visit our Facebook page to see more!

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